Earthenware in Morocco

To most places that I travel, I usually manage to fit in a local clay experience along the way.  My trip to Spain and Morocco in early 2016 was no exception. Beautiful works in clay seem to be everywhere in Spain and Morocco, from architectural features to park benches to everyday wares in the markets.   Plus the Museo Nacional de Cerámica in Valencia was fabulous; gotta love digital cameras!  

Earthenware pottery in Morocco is in use everyday and is plentiful in all of the markets.  A visit to the Salé Pottery Center outside of Rabat made for an especially interesting day trip.  In this post I am including a bunch of photos from Salé. There were numerous workshop where every aspect of pottery making was taking place. As well there were numerous shop selling wares from other regions, beautiful carpets, intricate metalwork and more.  A good portion of the works produced in Salé were larger pieces designed for outdoor uses.

Susan Smith