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Throwing and Handbuilding with Clay - for Novices

DATES: April 9, 12, 16 & May 7 & 21, 2018   (13 hours instruction time in total)

LOCATION: 1960 Hudson Bay Mtn. Rd., Smithers BC

COURSE DESCRIPTION: We will learn the fundamentals of throwing on the potter’s wheel as well as learn how to construct 3-dimensional works in clay, using a variety of hand-building techniques such as simple pinching and coil-building methods, and slab construction using rolled slabs. 

We will also explore a variety of simple surface treatments on damp clay, including relief carving and stamping, as well as glaze techniques on bisque-fired pieces using brushwork and resists.

Participants should be able to complete anywhere from four to eight pieces during the workshop.  When the final glaze firing is complete, participants will be notified of the pick-up date and time. 

SESSION 1: Throwing and Building, Monday April 9, 6-9 PM

SESSION 2: Throwing and Building, Thursday April 12, 6-9 PM
SESSION 3: Throwing and Building, Monday April 16, 6-9 PM

SESSION 4: Glazing, Monday May 7, 6-9 PM

SESSION 5: Finishing & Pick-up Session, 6-7 PM, date for pick up (between May 16-21) to be determined.